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Address: Jiangsu province Jiangyin City Weicheng Yang Road, No. 268
Hotline: 400-168-5888

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DaJing group has a dedicated, professional, experienced team. We are well aware of the needs of our customers and our mission and value.

  • Our management team members have more than 10 years of industry experience, including professional knowledge and experience in steel industry. Our strategy, pricing, operational model, and any business decisions that are entirely based on the customer.
  • We have a professional sales / customer service team, we serve the customer as the center.
  • We have a warm and sincere service team, to provide various services for customer service and customer service team.


Management team

Huang Ping  CEO

Master of business administration, Fudan University, CEO of Jiangsu DaJing group, the general manager of Jiangsu Hua Yi logistics.

Focus on the steel industry for more than 30 years, innovation and steel supply chain service providers operating ideas,

Lead the whole team to gallop the steel supply chain services.  

Chen Chunzhong  vice president

Vice president of Jiangsu DaJing group, has more than 20 years of experience in the steel market,

A former well-known large-scale special steel steel sales director, has a unique view for the special steel market,

Decision-making operation group of the business department.  

Huang Zhentu  Chief inspector of iron and steel supply chain division

Chief inspector of iron and steel supply chain division.

Management and control of iron and steel supply chain operations, and service products into the steel supply chain services. 

Huang Qichang  Vice General Manager

Manager of iron and steel supply chain division and project department,

Has more than 10 years of experience in steel market, the management and control of the operation of the project department, R & D steel supply chain services. 

Guo Canglin  Manager of Talent Assets Department

Manager of Talent Assets Department,

Has a well-known domestic listed enterprise talent assets experienced, multi-dimensional management of human resources.

Zhang Lihua Chairman secretary of Jiangsu Hua Yi logistics Limited by Share Ltd

Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, has many years of rich financial knowledge and management skills,

Chairman secretary of Jiangsu Hua Yi logistics Limited by Share Ltd,Fully operational capital market and market value management.

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